PA28 Syndicate shares for sale at our base airfield - Shobdon (EGBS) Herefordshire

Available shares:

Currently, we’re offering one (1) x 1/12 shares:
  • 1/12th capital share cost circa £3,000
  • Monthly fee £75
  • Per hour hire (wet) £90
    • Interior: dark blue leather and blue carpet
    • Exterior: white with blue stripe
    • Airspeed indicator (ASI)
    • Artificial horizon / attitude indicator
    • 2 x altimeters
    • Bank indicator with turn and slip
    • Vertical speed indicator (VSI)
    • Suction Gauge
    • Tachometer
    • Direction indicator
    • 720 channel nav / comm
    • Mode S Transponder
    • Hobbs meter
    • Navigation lights
    • Strobe lights
PA28 stirling syndicate shares for sale in G-ATON external
    • Year: 1966
    • Make: Piper
    • Model: PA28-140
    • Reg Number: G-ATON
    • Serial Number: 28-21654
    • Aircraft Type: Single
    • Seats: 4
    • Airframe hours: 11,295 (1st Nov 2022)
    • Engine Make: Lycoming O320-E2A
    • Engine Hours: approx 400
    • Engine Overhauled: 2021
    • Propeller Hours: approx 400
    • Propeller Make:  Sensenich M74DM6-0-58 
PA28 syndicate shares for sale in G-ATON internal
PA28 Syndicate shares for sale. You have a flying licence (PPL or LAPL) and are flying on a regular basis. You find that your normal aircraft availability is not quite as you’d like it to be? Do you need an aircraft share in Herefordshire? There’s a distinct advantage to being in a syndicate or group where the availability is improved plus you’ll have a greater say in what happens. Remember that as well as cost sharing, liability is also shared by each member of the group should things not go as planned. On this page, the Stirling Flying Syndicate’s operations are described. Contact us using this form and / or via email address (admin at where you can inquire about buying shares, talking to our syndicate or anything else related. Most importantly, buying a PA28 aircraft share in this 12 strong (11 at the moment), well run, well organised private syndicate operating with a respectable cash surplus and no extraordinary liabilities gives you membership of the most established, mature groups at Herefordshire Aero Club (HAC). Our group has no affiliation with HAC apart from being based there.

Flying standards

Generally, we expect a good standard of flying and are fairly relaxed about it. However, we do require the use of checklists and good airmanship to be adhered to at all times. There’s enough experience in the group (particularly the instructors) to have answers to most questions – piloting, mentoring or otherwise.

Aircraft maintenance

Our aircraft is maintained by Cornwall Aviation Services (CAS) and hangered when not flying. It had a zero-timed engine and new propeller in 2021. The syndicate flies approximately 130 hours per year. One group member is diligent about maintenance and ensures the aircraft has zero faults and is always safe to fly. Any fault reports are treated seriously and thoroughly investigated where corrective action taken where appropriate.

Online booking system

We use Goboko – an intuitive online booking system to reserve the aircraft. This booking system is one of the best available and is 100% tailored towards aviation and gives a graphical, at a glance view of reservations, aircraft maintenance and downtime from any online device with the ability to push alerts for booking changes via email or device app. When joining the syndicate, you’ll be expected to use this system. No luddites please.

Base airfield AVGAS refuelling

We refuel with 100LL AVGAS supplied by Shobdon, Herefordshire where fuel availability is 24/7 and we operate a discounted fuel card credit system with the airfield where all syndicate members must become a member of Herefordshire Aero Club for this to apply. You’re encouraged to leave the aircraft fuel tanks full to the tabs on parking up after you’ve flown.

Joining the group

You’ll be given the aircraft keys and access to the online booking system including any other online credentials required for the syndicate. The CAA will also be notified that you’re a new capital shareholder. We’re open to a conversation about financing the share purchase. We also welcome any aviation or non-aviation skills you might bring to the syndicate and will make good use of these where applicable.

Leaving the group

Whilst it’s sad to see people leave the group and it happens infrequently, it’s the responsibility of the member to sell their capital share and whilst doing so, they’ll be expected to fully contribute to the normal group running costs until the point of sale. On leaving the syndicate, the CAA will be notified that you’re no longer a shareholder thus releasing you from any further syndicate liability. We’re open to a discussion about the finances of leaving the group.

Pilot in charge requirements

  • Group membership by majority approval of shareholders
  • Current CAA LAPL or PPL
  • Herefordshire Aero Club Membership (enables fuel discount)
  • CAA Class I, Class II, LAPL or Self-Declaration medical
  • 100 hrs total / 10 hrs on type
  • Satisfactory check flight with a syndicate approved instructor

The syndicate's aircraft insurance policy

Our insurance policy states that pilots of 75 years of age or over or who’ve had an aviation accident as pilot in charge have to be named.

Aircraft share cost

The aircraft share price is at the discretion of the seller therefore the price above is a guide value. The syndicate will play little or no part in the financial negotiation / sale transaction.

Our other online adverts for PA28 syndicate shares for sale

G-ATON aircraft shares currently advertised online include: AOPAFlyer and Afors. You can respond directly from those platforms or use this form. In future, there will be a more permanent social media presence.

Flying fee payments

The aircraft is equipped with a Hobbs meter. You’ll be invoiced for hours flown each month as per Hobbs and payment will be via online BACS into to the syndicate’s bank account. Due to the uncertainty of world economics at the moment, costs are likely to change upwards rather than downwards. Primarily, this is reflected in fuel costs. We try to keep these as low as possible and compare favourably with other private syndicate flying fees at the airfield.

Expression of aircraft share interest

If you’re interested in buying a share or just asking a few questions, please contact us using this form. For historical information on PA28s in general, see: PA28 Cherokee. The definitive text on the aircraft can be found in the pilot’s operating handbook P/N: 14-01187 issued by Piper Aircraft Corporation.