Stirling Flying Syndicate Herefordshire

Aircraft: PA28-140 Cherokee

Image courtesy of Oliver Holmes

PA28 Syndicate Herefordshire

Based at Shobdon Airfield - EGBS

PA28 (G-ATON) left hand seat cockpit view

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PA28 (G-ATON) Syndicate Herefordshire Aero Club taxiing on grass

G-ATON (PA28-140)

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Images courtesy of Shaun Wilson

Robin Lewis 1952 - 2022

Robin Lewis 1952 - 2022

Image courtesy of Pob

Robin had flown all over the world including South Africa, Florida, Canada (float plane), Spain, Italy, Gibraltar, Ireland and the Scottish Isles and was on his 4th pilot’s logbook with over 320 airfields to his credit. His regular Cessna 152 flights with his friend Jackie were conducted in his own meticulous way. A mechanic by trade with his own garage who was both capable and competent. Keen on vintage cars, restoring his own Austin A40 and Jackie’s Triumph Spitfire. Always known as Mr Fix It as he’d always be repairing things. Robin was a FISO at Shobdon for a good many years and helped out a lot at the annual Food and Flying Festival. He loved being at the airfield. We’ll greatly miss his teasing, banter and argumentative fun.

Base Airfield Location: EGBS Herefordshire

Location Address:

Herefordshire Aero Club Ltd
Shobdon Airfield

Tel: 01568 708369

Office Hours: 09:00 – 17:00 local

Licenced Operating Hours: 09:15 – 17:00 local

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About Us

PA28 flying syndicate Herefordshire. This is an initial Web site for the syndicate, not having had one before.  To an extent, it’s still a work in progress. The aim of the site is to allow like minded individuals to interact with us and from time to time show when shares in the syndicate are up for sale. Therefore, over time, this site will grow in terms of content and usefulness. Information sensitive to the syndicate is password protected.

The syndicate is based in rural Herefordshire and enjoys relatively unrestricted airspace with good access to Wales, the west Wales’ coastline and mountainous Snowdonia to the west and north west respectively. Flights into the middle of hilly Wales are, in the main, cloud base dependent. Catering at the airfield is very good to fill in when not in the air. Everyone knows the second best thing to flying is talking about it and swapping stories.

This site describes most aspects of our PA28 aircraft syndicate including any shares for sale and listings on other popular aviation / social media Web sites. Nominally, we’re a group of 12 friendly individuals of various ages and experiences including 2 professional pilots. Note: we have two flying instructors in the group who can check you out and do biennials. To join the group and operate the aircraft as pilot in charge, we require a minimum of 100 hrs flying experience. Availability of the aircraft is good, particularly at the weekends. A brief history of the group (a work in progress) is also published at this site. This PA28-140 Cherokee aircraft technical and other characteristics can be found here.

How are we organised?

The group has a few designated individuals who organise things (finance, maintenance etc.) but apart from that, it’s a case of getting on and flying the aircraft. From time to time you might be called upon to form or be part of a cleaning party. We have plans for a bare metal respray that’ll keep the aircraft in a well maintained state for the foreseeable future. We have a certain responsibility to maintain this iconic aircraft.



Our syndicate GA instructors, due to our insurance cover, cannot instruct in G-ATON.

Shaun Wilson - Flying Instructor

Shaun Wilson - Flying Instructor

Pete Benkwitz - Flying Instructor

Pete Benkwitz - Flying Instructor

Wales' Scenary Within Easy Flying Reach

Central Wales Resevoirs Elan Valley

Central Wales Resevoirs Elan Valley

Courtesy of Wayne Harrison

North Wales Snowdonia

North Wales Snowdonia

Courtesy of Jerry Noble

West Wales Coastline Abersytwyth

West Wales Aberystwyth

Courtesy of Wayne Harrison